Questions and Answers

  • How do QuietBuds work? - QuietBuds cancels noise with 3 different interchangeable cores to block out the noises you want to block out but still lets you hear the sounds you want to hear.

  • Why are QuietBuds the only noise cancellers with swappable cores? - The revolutionary swappable cores allows you to block out certain sounds in different environments. Instead of cancelling out ALL sounds, you can choose what you want to hear while protecting your hearing.

  • How can QuietBuds provide a lifetime warranty? - QuietBuds are made with high quality materials and thoroughly developed by our expert team so we stand by our product and guarantee that it will protect your hearing for a lifetime.

  • How do I clean QuietBuds? - Clean the ear seals with a cloth and warm water to wipe away any buildup.

  • What comes with every pair of Quietbuds? - QuietBuds comes with its own carrying case, 3 sets of interchangeable cores, 3 sets of seals and a product manual.

  • Are there more cores available for QuietBuds? - We are constantly researching and developing different cores so keep a lookout for more cores in the future!

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